Bill & Bing Ringert
Cold Springs Winery
7853 W. Ringert Ln, Hammett, Idaho
Founded in 1998 by William "Bill" Ringert and
Lynne "Bing" Ringert
Located in Hammett, Idaho on 33.97 acres,
Cold Springs Estate Grows some of the finest grapes in the Snake River Valley.

      After a rewarding career as a water- rights attorney, Bill and Bing segued their shared passion for wine by developing a boutique Idaho winery. Bill's comprehensive geologic and hydrologic research led him to select ground on the eastern ledge of the Snake River Plain near Hammett, a very small town off I-84, half way between Boise and Twin Falls, ID. 
Fresh spring water from an aquifer on the northern corner of the property, and volcanic ash in the soil contribute to the high quality and unique character of wine grapes grown here. Cold Springs Winery's first release was in 2003 and after years of perfecting our wine in a 2013 competion our 2008 Chronology won a bronze medal and our 2009 Merlot won a gold medal as well as our 2011 Chardonnary. 
All grapes are grown and bottled in Hammett and to experience a glass of Cold Springs wine is
to know this unique place, from aroma to finish.
Cornelius Sebastian Glancey

Award-winning Winemaker
"Neil" has over 20 years experience and has produced the most esteemed wines in the Snake River Valley. Neil believes that the secret to great wine begins in the vineyard. He maintains and oversees the production of grapes in many vineyards around the Snake River Valley and is dedicated to creating some of the best wines in this region. He is currently working on many new varieties and tastes of wine, so stayed tuned to hear about what else he is working on, for you will not want to miss a chance at one of his fantastic creations.