Neils Winemaking Notes

Cornelius Sebastian Glancey

Award-winning Winemaker
"Neil" has over 20 years experience and has produced the most esteemed wines in the
 Snake River Valley.
Neil believes that the secret to great wine begins in the vineyard. He maintains and oversees the production of grapes in many vineyards around the Snake River Valley and is dedicated to creating some of the best
wines in this region.
He is currently working on
many new varieties and tastes 
of wine, so stayed tuned to hear about what else he is working on, for you will not want to miss a chance at one of his
fantastic creations.

Stay tuned for  Neil's 
Featured  Restaurants

An avid food lover and cook, Neil is always looking out for the best kept secret restaurants.
He will be writting about them and pairing
dishes with his wines. yummy

Angell's Bar & Grill
​Boise, Idaho
Will be Neil's 1st Feature

To treat yourself to a cup of this cozy beverage,
mix 1½ cups milk
 ⅓ cup dark chocolate chips in a sauce pan over medium heat.
Stir until it becomes the creamy, hot chocolate goodness you know and love.
Now comes the best part — add one cup of Hot Rod Red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon is also a good pick), and stir until fully mixed.
At last, this rich, chocolatey, spiked cup of perfection
is ready for you to enjoy.