Our Wine Philosophy
Genea/ology - After a rewarding career as a water-rights attorney, Bill Ringert and his wife, Bing, segued their shared passion for wine by developing a boutique Idaho winery. Bill's comprehensive geologic and hydraulic research led him to select ground on the eastern edge of the Snake River Plain near Hammett. Fresh spring water and volcanic ash in the soil and spring-fed Snake River water contributes to the high quality and unique character of the grapes grown on the estate.

Top/ology - Few Idaho wines can claim a single zip code. Grown and bottled in Hammett, Idaho, our wines capture the nuance and essence of the region. To experience a glass of Cold Springs wine is to know this unique place, from aroma to finish.

Science/ology - The science of wine is a very strange science: part technical skill, part mythical alchemy. The soil that bears the vine is a composite of rock, weather, climate, and microorganisms. Bringing to bear notes and echoes, sense memories of a place and growing season. Moths pollinate the blossoms under the cover of darkness. The fruit grows. The skins acquire an almanac of underground aquifers through ancient lava flows. When the night finally cools and the fruit is full and ready to burst, it is time for the harvest crush! The result is a concert of microbiology, zymology, and chronology. Time itself lending a hand in the individual craft of fine wine.